October meeting, Monday 21st

Monday 21st October sees the club’s Annual General Meeting.  This will be short and sweet so that we can move on to more interesting things.  Alex M0ZER will be giving a short talk on Basingstoke Makerspace before we have a break to refill glasses ahead of a Rehousing Sale – aka Junk Sale. Bring out your forgotten and unused hardware and generate some space for new stuff!

This is an opportunity to review all of those radios, bits of radio, test equipment that you never use, projects that you never quite got around to, and anything else in the general world of radio and electronics – and bring it along to the club sale where it can be auctioned off! Proceeds will generally go to the club, but if it’s valuable then it can be auctioned on  a commission basis…

It is also an opportunity to purchase the bits that other people bring along – it will definitely be at a good price, “bargains galore” – and it could form the basis of your next project!
So dig around in your shack – demonstrate to the XYL that you are getting rid of some of that stuff that’s filling up the house, bring it along and replace it with other stuff…

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