VHF Field Day 2018 Results

Band QSO’s Points 2004 results Furthest Contact
50MHz 32 12619 5267 IK7EOT 1866Km
70MHz 25 2182 G3XDY 189Km
144Mhz 94 20136 42377 DF4T 842Km
432MHz 24 3703 9547 DF0MU 393Km

May Radio Fun Day

It’s time for the first of this year’s Radio Fun days !

The event is open to club members and will be held this Saturday 13th May.

This is an opportunity to do radio stuff in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, taking advantage of the low noise floor to get those elusive signals and contacts.

Activities are expected to begin at 10:30 and close at around 18:30.

Full details in our Yahoo Group.

Not to be missed !!

Welcome to our new web site

Welcome to our new web site! Based on WordPress, this should give us more features, a modern appearance, and simpler arrangements for hosting and maintenance.

We are hoping to also use it as a platform for promoting projects within the club, and as a showcase for our radio fun days, field days, and notable achievements.

If you are working on a new construction project, have some interesting measurements to share, let us know and we can post it here.