Our 2019 event calendar is as follows:

Date Title Speaker
Jan 21st The physics behind the Electromagnetic Spectrum Paul G4CSD
Feb 18th Introduction to Internet Radio Linking Dan G7GIK
Mar 18th All in a day’s work – a selection of unusual aeronautical VHF radio interference cases Tim G3PJD
Apr 15th WSPR and the Great Circle Map Dr Peter Birkin            M6PYB
May 20th Postponed to July
Jun 17th Charles Wheatstone – Inventor and Musician

We have all heard of the Wheatstone Bridge – but he achieved far more and this talk explores some of the less well-known aspects of Charles Wheatstone’s life and achievements

Colin McEwen G3VKQ
Jul 15th Marine Radio Owen 2E0NWE
Aug 10/11th



Lavender Field antenna experiments


The story behind Digital Television

Personal reminiscences of the politics and technology from someone who lived and worked through it all



Paul G4CSD

Sep 7/8th


Lavender Field – SSB Field Day

An Introduction to Oscar100


Noel G8GTZ

Oct 21st AGM

About Basingstoke Makerspace

Re-Housing (Junk!) sale


Alex M0ZER

Nov 18th Underwriters Laboratories Alison G8ROG
Dec 9th Xmas meeting for members and partners – bring some nibbles!

BSB – a tail of hope and despair!


Paul G4CSD